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Advanced Pattern Designing for the Fashion Industry

Approximately 6 Months
Course Level
Basic/intermediate Course in Pattern Designing
Certificate of Attendance

This course consists of more advanced pattern designing - You would need to have basic knowledge of pattern Designing before perusing at the advanced level.

We will be exploring blocks and foundations and students will have the knowledge to develop their unique design. Different sleeves, shirts, dresses with no waistlines, pants foundations, fastenings, plackets, and pockets etc. 

79 Hours of contact time

Module 1- Blocks and Foundations   

Studying the different sleeve block foundations, including kimono and raglan. More shirt, dress, pants blocks. Lessons include: 1:15 hour per lesson plus hours feedback sessions. Total 16 hours 45min of contact hours  

  1. The Sleeve Block  

  1. The sleeve Block 

  1. Shirt block 

  1. Trouser blocks  

  1. Dress Block 

  1. Creating a Patterns using Adobe Illustrator  

  1. Creating a Patterns using Adobe Illustrator. 

Mode of Assessment –Assignment 50%, Assignment 50% 


Module 2- Design Variations  

 We will be studying a combination of pattern design variations. All possible design options and procedures which can be done to a sleeve, a dress, trousers, and shirts, including fastenings and pockets 

Lessons include: 1:15min per lesson plus 10:30 hours feedback sessions. 18 hours of contact time  


  1. The Sleeve  

  1. The Sleeve  

  1. The Dress  

  1. The Dress 

  1. Shirts   

  1. Shirts 

Mode of Assessment –project 50% project 50%  


Module 3- More Advanced Variations   

This module covers all the different pants, slacks, culottes foundations including jeans. Jumpsuits and Dungarees. 

Lessons include: 1:15min per lesson plus 12:30 hours feedback sessions. 19:30 hours of contact time  

  1. Pants  

  1. Pants  

  1. Jumpsuits  

  1. Dungarees 

  1. Plackets and pockets 

  1. Buttonholes and fastenings  

Mode of Assessment –project 50% project 50%  


Module 4 

This module sums up all the other modules above. Students will be creating their own pattern design variations. From the flat drawings, pattern samples to making own samples in calico. Students will be giving a case study.  

Lessons include: 16 hour workshop. 8 hours feedback session. Total contact hours:24 hours  

  1. Drawing your own flats through Adobe Illustrator 

  1. Creating your own blocks  

  1. Making samples of your patterns  

  1. Making samples of your patterns  

Mode of Assessment –Assignment 50% Assignment 50% 


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