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Manzoni Fashion School

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Fashion Design for kids

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About Us


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Manzoni Fashion was founded by Maria Vassallo Manzoni. The label evolved into a fashion school. 

Since the age of 14 Maria has been creating knitwear for herself, family, and friends. She then moved to Italy, Milan, and Florence to further her education and immerse herself in Fashion Design. She worked with a renowned Fashion Designer Giorgio Corregiari as part of his design team, creating fashion collections for Women and Menswear.


After which she moved to Malta and started her own Fashion brand for female fashion and moved to teach fashion design. Over the years together with her husband, David, she co-directed People & co and People Contracting ltd, which form part of people learning. She also worked actively in these companies for many years together with teaching Fashion.  


Since June 2021, she shifted solely to fashion tuition working on the expansion of level rated internationally recognised courses with a sustainable and ethical vision. Linking the fashion school with environmental NGO’s and working together with students to fulfill the love for fashion and the love for the environment. 

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Our Sustainable Vision

Our vision is to educate our students in producing garments with environmental consciousness

We are a fashion school that puts sustainable fashion as the focal point of our tuition. Encouraging the stainable stewardship of the environment. Teaching students how to concentrate on the solutions of how to help reduce the carbon footprint and work with water-efficient and pesticide-free fabric. Helping to reduce the need for animal products by finding natural alternatives where possible. Enhancing processes of how to reuse, recycle and renovatold fabricand garments.


How can we create with waste and how can we reduce the waste we produce? Manzoni Fashion School Sustainable Fashion 1


Analysing the raw materials being introduced and their properties, by using regenerated fiber and emphasising the technology that is being created to recondition waste and turn it into fiber which can be woven many times. Developing garments with an environmental global conscious. We are a win-win school, not only creating for the sake of fashion but for the earth and world, we live in.   



 What Is Sustainable Fashion? 

Manzoni Fashion School sustainable fashion Globally recognized Award Courses

using Plant based leather malta eco friendly soloutions   re use old clothes Malta eco friendly fashion solutions

 avoid using new material Malta eco friendly fashion solutions   limit use of water thirty products Malta eco friendly fashion solutions 


 Manzoni Fashion School Globally recognized Award Courses 




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