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MS Excel

At People Learning, we offer a comprehensive MS Excel course in three levels - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. It is advisable that all three levels be taken together, unless one has a thorough understanding of basic MS Excel features. Courses can be taken with the following options:
Taking the full course would contribute towards one's CPE hours.

MS EXCEL 2016 Basic - Advanced

The MS Excel 2016 Basic to Advanced course is ideal for individuals, whether students or professionals, who use Excel regularly in their work and would like to get the most out of this versatile program. The course is aimed at all age groups and categories who wish to acquire new skills or improve their efficiency in the use of Excel. Read More



MS EXCEL 2016 Fundamentals

This fundamentals course will enable you to confidently manage worksheets and workbooks, enter data and be able to perform calculations by creating formulas. It will enable you to work with lists and illustrations, charts and advanced formatting including styles. You will also be able to manipulate cell content, edit it, modify, format worksheets and workbooks. At the end of each lesson, there will be a practical exercise to ensure that the course objectives have been reached. Read More


MS EXCEL 2016 Intermediate-Advanced

The Intermediate level training will enable you to work with advanced formulas, lists and illustrations and work with charts and advanced formatting including styles. The Advanced course is a continuation of the basic and intermediate course. It will enable you to confidently manage worksheets and workbooks, enter data and be able to perform calculations by creating advanced formulas. You will also be able to use Apply Functions in formulas including the IF function in conjunction with other functions, utilizing the AND/OR functions. You will learn to create and manage Pivot Tables and create advanced chart elements. You will also get the feel of basic Macros. Read More


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