Award in Fashion Design MQF Lvl 4

Start Date
Maria Cutajar
Minimum 28 Evenings
Course Level
MQF Level 4 - ECVET (16)
A Creative outlook and Interest in Fashion
MQF Level 4 Certificate - NCFHE Approved

This is a 28 (minimum) Session Course where dates and times can be negotiated on an individual basis with our Trainer.

€30 an hour

MQF in Fashion Design Level 4 – Course Content


Module 1 – Get Inspired


Topics Covered:


Finding inspiration by visiting a Museum

Exploring Architecture

The environment around us

Indian Culture

Fabric Design

Textile Design Development

Designing using Embroidery


This module allows the learner to identify ideas from almost any inspirational source – whether it is from home or exploring fine arts or discovering Indian culture – and realise that ideas are rarely new.  The learner will be able to create mood boards from a specific design theme, current fashion trends or a customer’s ideas.



Module 2 – The Drawing of the Human Figure

Drawing the Head and the Torso

Drawing the Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet

Drawing the Human Figure

Drawing from a live model

Exploring Collage

Drawing from your wardrobe

Colouring with Pantones

Drawing rough fashion Drawings

This module allows the learner to design a small collection from his/her wardrobe, create different designing possibilities and experiment with garments and colour combinations.  The learner will also be able to illustrate outfit combinations from a common theme, thus allowing the selection will look like a coordinated collection, and to present his/her designs to classmates in a design studio set up. Ideas can be managed systematically and knowing how to draw the human body will strengthen the more creative aspects of his or her work.




Module 3 – Designing a Collection

Planning a collection

Designing to a brief

Focusing on a specific customer

Colour and Fabric


This module allows the learner to identify potential customers, draw a collection within the constraints of the season and budget, identify good working designs from his/her roughs, identify a colour palette and match fabrics and a colour scheme.  The learner will be able to plan a collection effectively, practise drawing roughs, design garments, create designs for a commercial purpose, plan a colour palette to allow for garments to be properly matched and use fabrics which are practical and commercially viable.


By the end of this module, the learner would be able to produce a Fashion Design portfolio by using mixed media and different textures, work in a studio and be able to use appropriate material and to carry out tasks, using a critical eye, with a customer in mind and to carry out tasks which reflect his/her unique style.




Module 4 – Communication


Communicating your vision

Preparing Flat Drawings

Presenting your work


This is the final module of this course.  This module would enable the learner to draw his/her designs clearly and systematically and to describe any sewing procedures to clients or pattern maker.  The knowledge gained would also allow the learner to create illustrations of the designs as well as create flat working drawings.  The ultimate aim would be reached, allowing the learner to produce a Fashion design portfolio by using mixed media and different textures.


*Disclaimer: Kindly note scheduled dates and times are subject to change. We will do our best to avoid re-scheduling, however, in the unlikely event that this occurs, new dates/times will be discussed with applicants.


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