Award in Fashion Design MQF Lvl 4

Start Date
17 Mar 2020
Maria Cutajar
48 hours tuition + 20 hours consultation for end of course presentation
Course Level
MQF Level 4 - ECVET (16)
A Creative outlook and Interest in Fashion
MQF Level 4 Certificate - NCFHE Approved

Award in Fashion Design MQF Lvl 4 is a comprehensive course which allows learners to develop their skills, exploit talent and to make a cohesive fashion collection. This course is ideal for those who wish to go a step further with their creativity and learn how to process original garments. 

This is course is divided into 5 modules for a total of 24 lessons of 2 hours each. 


Course Outline:

Module 1 - Drawing of the Human figure (5 Lessons): Every Tuesday

Designing on paper, is part of expressing your ideas, fashion sense and style. This is not the finished product though, other methods are essential and work hand in hand with the design you have on paper, such as draping on a mannequin and manipulation of pattern making. Ultimately you would need to understand the lines and proportions of the human figure and have the freedom of creating your own garments. This is what we call a mixed module where the student has the opportunity to design and experiment by creating a garment. Firstly,you will be sketching all the parts of the body starting from the head to the whole human figure and giving movement.  At the end of this module, we want to get to know your style and the clothes you have in your wardrobe, the participant will combine clothes-take photos of the combinations-sketch a mini collection and create a garment on himself/herself.

  • Lesson 1. Drawing the head, hair, face. 
  • Lesson 2. Drawing the Arms, Hands, Legs and Feet
  • Lesson 3. Drawing the Torso
  • Lesson 4. Movement of the human body.
  • Lesson 5. Drawing from your wardrobe. (case Study)


Module 2 - Clothes Design Development (6 Lessons): Every Thursday

The saying 'Communication is key!" is very valid when one works in a team. Communication is not only verbal; this is very important through work. In order to have the pattern maker and the seamstress to understand your designs detail is of vital importance, as well as being clear and organised, you need to state the obvious.  This module allows the learner to learn how to draw different type of stitches, darts, collars, sleeves hems, zips, buttons, waistbands, cuffs etc. During this course we want your creativity to shine, although we are going to get into the manipulation of patterns rather then starting from basic... This course is about creativity!

  • Lesson 1. Drawing of stitches, darts, collars, sleeves.
  • Lesson 2. Drawing of hems, zips, buttons, waistbands, cuffs.
  • Lesson 3. Pattern Making-Skirt (manipulation)
  • Lesson 4. Pattern Making-Bodice (manipulation)
  • Lesson 5. Pattern Making- Trousers (manipulation)
  • Lesson 6. Pattern Making -Dress. (manipulation)


Module 3 - Finding Inspiration (4 Lessons):Every Tuesday

Creativity and research are concurrently important in order to design a cohesive collection! Nowadays its difficult to create something new! You can be innovative in how you interpret the design together with the fabric. Whether your style is simple, elegant, exotic, unconventional, classic etc.  The learner will research the topic thoroughly, choose the material, combine a mood board, sketch ideas, create chosen work samples.

  • Lesson 1. The environment around us
  • Lesson 2. Researching a Fashion Brand.
  • Lesson 3. Other Cultures
  • Lesson 4. Working with your favorite Textiles.

By the end of this module, the learner would be able to produce a Fashion story or collection. This is a group/collection of designs which are linked to each other but don't need to be the same, they can come from many ideas or one, they derive from the same colour scheme and can share the same material, although the latter is not necessary, accessories can be coordinated must have the same hairstyle and make up. This module comprises of sketching, pattern manipulation choosing textiles, innovative stitching. We will complete one garment from every module. This would need to be fitted on a model and completed

Module 4 - Exploring Fabric (4 Lessons):Every Thursday

This module is very similar to module 3. The learner will work closely with fabrics, learning more about the history of the chosen fabric. The composition of the fabric, creating designs experimenting with stitches and cuts pleats etc.  In this way the learner will have a better insight of how fabric falls and how it can be manipulated, taking into consideration the creative side versus the practical side. This module comprises of sketching, pattern manipulation choosing textiles, innovative stitching. We will complete one garment from every module. This would need to be fitted on a model and completed

  • Lesson 1. Natural Fabrics
  • Lesson 2. Natural Fabrics (continued)
  • Lesson 3. Synthetic Fabrics
  • Lesson 4. Synthetic Fabrics (continued)


Module 5 - Creating your Collection (5 Lessons): Every Tuesday/ Thursday

This is the final module of this course until now we have been creating a limited number of garments and we have given you the source of inspiration. Now you are free to do it on your own, we will still monitor and give you brief.  The learner will be creating a collection based on the latest trends, fabric knowledge and inspiration. Apart from that you will be helping in organising a fashion show, select and chose your own models, organise your own sponsors for make up and accessories and music. You will be presenting a mini fashion show at the end of the course.


Course Fee: €840


Course Funding:

final get qualified logoeu funds jobsplus

*Disclaimer: Kindly note scheduled dates and times are subject to change. We will do our best to avoid re-scheduling, however, in the unlikely event that this occurs, new dates/times will be discussed with applicants.

Course Schedules

  17 Mar 2020 - 16 Jul 2020 €840.00
   Tue 17:30 19:30
   Thu 17:30 19:30

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