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Conflict Management

Start Date
David Cutajar and Samantha Farrugia
2 Sessions x 3 hrs (2023 Courses are HYBRID- both ONLINE and ON-PREMISE participants)
Course Level
Valid towards CPE Annual return
No Specific requirements though course focuses on conflict management at work.
Certificate of Attendance

What is it about?
Conflict is inevitable and happens in all workplaces and in all industries, irrelevant of how many employees working the business. It happens between individual colleagues, between employees and customers or between larger groups of employees. Issues in relationships can be difficult and if not repaired, certain conflicts can affect the business in general. Conflict Management and Resolution is an essential skill for anyone who manages people and who work closely with colleagues.

Candidates will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges when it comes to managing conflict, share experiences and learn from their peers.

Who is it for?
This course is important for anyone who is in a supervisory / management position or in a team leadership position. It is also helpful for those who aspire to be in such positions and for those who work closely with colleagues and team members. 

What will I gain?

It is also important for employees who work with members of the public, especially in customer care and in industries where conflict may be likely. It benefits anyone at any level in the business or service provider.


Overall Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Conflict Management - why is conflict management important?
  • Understand Conflict and its different forms – different types of conflicts
  • Causes of Conflict
  • Consequences and Risks of Conflicts including Legal Implications
  • Become more aware of conflict styles
  • Recognise best uses of each conflict style
  • Discussion – typical issues found at work
  • Handling and Managing Conflict
  • Build skills for reaching effective solutions – preventing conflict
  • Creating an effective environment through mutual understanding


Course Notes


Post Course Feedback included








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