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Data Research with Confidence

Start Date
David Cutajar MSc.
5 3-hour sessions sessions - 15 hours plus pre and post course work and 1-1 tutorial
Course Level
Introductory/ Intermediate
Experience using applications, such as word processors or spreadsheets in the MS Windows, Macintosh or Linux environment. Some experience with the use of quantitative data.. Use of statistocal; packages such as IBM SPSS or similar is useful; but the cours
Certificate of Attendance and Completion

Inadequate research methods will inevitably produce rubbish. Data Research with Confidence is an instructor led classroom course, with group interaction, that will provide the participants with an sound understanding of the requirements of quantitative data for use in a wide variety of applications, in business, health, education and research.


Who is it for?

 This basic course is for individuals who:

  • wish to gain an understanding of the utility of quantitative data for practical use;
  • have an interest to use quantitative data in their professional life, including managers, media personal and policy makers;
  • need to take decisions on contracting data providing organisations;
  • have some experience in quantitative research and wish to refresh their knowledge
  • consider undertaking research projects using quantitative data.


What background should I have?

 To fully benefit from this course you should:

  • have an understanding of the objectives of the area of your professional expertise;
  • be aware of the existence of issues with the enhancement of the efficiency of the operations of the organisation that could be solved by using quantitative data;
  • be interested in using quantitative data to enrich their educational and professional development. 

No statistical background is necessary


What will I gain?

Participants will gain an understanding on the nature and characteristics of quantitative data; the sources of such data; the requirements for the efficient use of data; possible ways of obtaining quantitative data, ways of analysing the data and the use of electronic software, notable IBM SPSS to efficiently process data.


Refreshments and course notes included.



Course Programme (total 16 hours contact time with some pre and post course work) :

Session 1 (2 half days)

  • Information, data, data protection,
  • What is data; qualitative & quantitative
  • Common language and data; variables
  • What are data used for?
  • Requirements of quantitative data:
  • General characteristics of measurement
    • Levels of measurements
    • Repeatability of measurement
    • Precision of measurement
    • Time space characteristics and requirements
    • General characteristics of Quantitative research
    • Problems and hypothesis
    • Use of statistics; principles
    • Sources of quantitative data
    • Use of in-house information
      • Administrative and operational data  have their own function and need to be converted to become quantitative data (variables, statistics);
      • Use of international and national standards;
      • Limitations of scope and client confidentiality
      • Published statistics, irrespective of source one should establish:
        • Reliability of sources
        • Reliability of data
        • What is the origin of the data: administrative, routine data collection ( surveys, census),specific research project
        • Procedures (methodology) used.
        • Transparency of data sources. Can they be verified?
        • Completeness of the data
        • Is the analysis clear and understandable?
        • If no suitable data exists, new data need to be obtained:
        • Type of research formats;
        • General phases in any research
          • Planning and preparatory phase:
          • Execution phase
          • Analysis and report writing phase


Session 2 (2 half days )

  • Simple experiment:
    • General format: Intervention causes improvement
    • Sport science: Real question: Does weight training in off season enhance performance in shot put?
    • Relatively more complicated experiment:
      • Medical research:  Does x doses of y substance improve general health condition
      • Group interaction
      • Simple sample survey
        • General format: establish basic characteristic(s) of study population.
        • Market research: Real question: How many households in Gozo use a specific product
        • Group interaction:
        • Relatively more complicated sample survey
          • Media research: Real question: How many young adults in Malta use mobile phones to read the news
          • Group interaction
          • General principal of empirical research
          • New developments: Big Data
            • What is Big Data
            • Potentials
            • Constraints
            • Confidentiality and professional ethics
              • General considerations
              • European policy: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
              • Professional codes of ethics, official statisticians and market researchers


  • Review
    • General consideration for the use of quantitative data
    • Highly skilled technical operations
    • Although internet offers “easy to use” options: Consult the experts
    • Adhere to established scientific principals
    • Use bona fide statistical research packages such as IBM SPSS



Course Fee: €495


Course Funding:

eu funds jobsplus

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*Disclaimer: Kindly note scheduled dates and times are subject to change. We will do our best to avoid re-scheduling, however, in the unlikely event that this occurs, new dates/times will be discussed with applicants.

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