Digital Marketing

What is it about?

The course offers an overview of the most widely used internet channels for marketing, how to operate for maximum impact using each, as well as fundamentals of writing for the web, strategising when using the internet for marketing, how all the elements come together, and finally, how to measure success, and tweak and optimise for better results in future.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at students who are soon to become jobseekers within marketing roles, individuals who already work in marketing but feel their knowledge of internet marketing is lacking, and business owners and employees who want a basic, yet comprehensive, understanding of how to employ the internet as a marketing tool that is central to your customer engagement strategies, as well as a driver for new business. 

What will I gain?

You will acquire the skills and techniques required to set up or improve your digital footprint and employ the internet and social media more easily and effectively towards your marketing goals. Fundamentally though, you will understand ‘how they do it’ such that when you see a competitor’s internet marketing campaign, you will know how it works, and better still, how to challenge them with your own campaigns.


Course sessions:  5.30pm – 8pm

Our trainer is a experienced E-Marketing specialist

Refreshments and Course Notes included.






Course Content


  1. What is the internet and how does it work?


  1. Developing an online marketing strategy


  1. All the channels


  1.                      i.            Electronic newsletters
  • How to set up your email marketing program
  • Tools to use
  • Best practices of email marketing
  • Do’s and Dont’s of email marketing


  1.                    ii.            Social media platforms
  • An overview of the social media landscape
  • What social networks are out there, how do they differ, what are they used for, and
  • who hangs out on each?
  • Totally Twitter
  • A look at LinkedIn, personal profiles and company pages
  • Insist on Instagram
  • Utilising YouTube
  • Put a pin into Pinterest
  • Go Google Plus
  • Which of these is for me and for my business?
  • Pitfalls of social media
  • Fundamentals and commandments of social media


  1. Google advertising


  1. Your own website
  • Your user’s persona, and how to use that
  • Keywords and how to use them within copy writing
  • Offering value in your content
  • Calls To Action - how to guide the user to take the actions you want them to


  1. How it all works together


  1. Now we have data, what do we do?
  • What do all the acronyms mean?
  • Analysing your data
  • Google Analytics and other useful tools


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