Leadership & Employee Engagement 1

Start Date
17 Jul 2018
Carolin Zeitler
Two full days
Course Level
Certificate of Attendance
Certificate of Attendance


This course aims to

  • identify strengths already present in leadership
  • determine how these strengths can be leveraged more effectively
  • improve employee engagement >> more committed & loyal employees
  • increase ROI by helping managers perform better

Who is it for?

This workshop is for leaders and potentials, who have been earmarked for promotion into leadership roles. Employees who were/will be promoted for their technical skills and could benefit from extra training in soft skills find this workshop useful.

Why should I attend?

Participants gain understanding of their own strengths and how to build on them to improve their leadership and better engage their employees. Furthermore, participants deepen their awareness of why it is important to engage employees and how it benefits the bottom line to do so effectively.

Course Overview

Day 1

  • Identifying & leveraging strengths & talents
  • Identifying personal core values
  • Matching personal values to corporate values to inspire commitment


Day 2

  • Understanding other people’s perspectives
  • Comprehending a multi-perspective decision-making process
  • Listening to engage

Trainer Bio

Carolin Zeitler – Head of Training Services – People Learning     

Carolin’s work is first and foremost about true human connection and creating cultures that encourage connection. This is reflected in all her work; be it as Head of Training, Executive Coach, author & writer or women’s empowerment activist.

Carolin’s contagious enthusiasm and thirst for learning ensure that she not only stays on a path of continuous growth herself but inspires those around her to grow and succeed too.

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Course Schedules

  17 Jul 2018 - 18 Jul 2018 €285.00
   Tue 9:00am 16:00pm
   Wed 9:00am 16:00pm

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