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Leadership & Management Fundamentals Course

Start Date
David Cutajar
16 Hours - Two full days / four half days / 1 full + 3 half days
Course Level
Fundamentals for new leader-managers and refresher for Interdmediate and experienced veterans
Some Supervisory and Team leadership expereince or moving into such posiutions.
Certificate of Attendance asnd Completion
•Effective team leadership and development
•Using different leadership styles appropriately
•Managing your time effectively
•Delegating (and getting the results you want!)
•Delivering meaningful feedback and improving communication
•Managing difficult situations and dealing with conflict
•Dealing with diversity / Cross-Cultural Communication
•Motivating your team 
•Bringing it all together



• Smoother flow of information and processes in the workplace

• Improved leadership by example, modeling ideal behavior

• Extended awareness of leadership styles

• More effective communication with colleagues and team members

• Cross-cultural communication and awareness


Communication is becoming increasingly important in our knowledge-driven economy. Leadership and management require excellent communication skills, delivery of services is essentially all about communication and employee engagement relies heavily on sharing messages effectively too. When we create a work environment with great communication, then we become more productive and efficient - and we have better relationships with colleagues and team members too. 

• Engagement with co-workers

• Enhanced self-confidence and assertiveness and motivation

• Increased productivity, efficiency and performance

• Smoother conflict management

• Understanding the effective leadership and management (and where they converge and diverge)

 If we can clarify rather than assume - i.e. “I thought that you thought that I thought...” - then interactions become a lot easier and more effective.


During these highly interactive workshops, we will assess the strengths and skills participants already have in the areas of leadership and communication and build on them to achieve a high level of communication and connection. Special focus is given to practical and situational leadership.

Session 1 

• Identify your strengths

• Find out how to use them in your communication & leadership

• Discover how to lead by example and become an engaging leader

• Understand the principles of different leadership styles

• Approach the working day with new energy • Make your communication concise, informative and agreeable

• Time and Delegation management tips and workshop.

Session 2

• Listen with empathy and sincerity

• Speak with empathy and sincerity

• Develop a neutral observer – look at matters from an outside perspective

• Align personal, team and corporate goals

• Manage conflict, mediate and move on to the solution

• Cross-cultural awareness

• Understand basic crisis management and damage control principles

• Re-energise yourself and others around you




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