Traditional or Agile Project Management? - Making the right move

18 Mar 2019 Latest News Written by: Caruana , Gordon

Training and certification can prove incredibly valuable to demonstrate a project professional’s knowledge and competences to employers, enhancing skills and enable career progression. But which Project Management framework better suits my requirements?




Should I go for the traditional or agile approach?

The industry and nature of projects you’re involved in may determine your choice. Traditional approaches, linear approaches which typically involve up-front planning, are more suitable to projects where requirements are more stable. On the other hand, projects involving high-level planning and incremental development of solutions, are usually better suited to agile approaches.

If you are already trained and certified in a traditional approach, it is worth considering complementing this with agile training and certification, or vice-versa. Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of both approaches will boost your employability and career progression potential significantly.



PRINCE2 is the de facto project management standard with over a million certified professionals in over 150 countries. PRINCE2 enables you to gain first class traditional Project Management skills and improve employment prospects, the certification being a great asset in anyone’s resume. Built from a wealth of experience and knowledge, PRINCE2 helps to successfully deliver projects of any size or complexity.

We offer PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner Project Management 5-day course throughout the year. The course is delivered by a highly experienced and accredited UK-based trainer and leads you to full Axelos certification. You may visit our PRINCE2 Page for more information and details of upcoming sessions.


Why AgilePM?

AgilePM helps project managers to enable change faster, at a lower cost and with lower risk. The methodology empowers project personnel and encourages increased collaboration and ownership of projects. It is ideal for individuals involved in software and technology projects.

AgilePM has fast established itself as the leading framework and certification for agile project management and has recently celebrated over 100,000 exams sat. Our AgilePM courses are delivered by certified UK-based trainers and are available quarterly. Our AgilePM Course Page will provide you with further details.


Still not sure? Contact us by giving us a call on 21 322314 or dropping us an email. We will be delighted to guide you to make the right move.



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