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18 May 2020 , 09 Sep 2020 , 23 Nov 2020
Luciano Borg
2 Days
Course Level
Certificate of Attendance
ECDL Preferred and having access to an active Google AdWords Account would be an asset
Certificate of Attendance

Who is this for?

The course is ideal for individuals who want to understand the world of search engine optimisation. Today, every business has a website, and its overall marketing success lies solely on how well the website is optimised to rank high in search engine results. A recent study by a reputable online ad network states that the top listing in Google's “organic” search results receives 33 per cent of total traffic, and therefore being on the first page of Google is imperative for a company to be successful online.

What is it about?

The first part of this course is an introduction to the fundamentals of search engine optimisation: how search engines operate, keyword analysis and ranking factors. 

What will I get out of it?

You will find out how search engines operate and how they determine which website should appear first, second, third, etc., for a particular web search. You will learn how to conduct keyword research across different countries and in different languages, employing the Keyword Efficiency Index; how to use KWs in your Meta Data and across the website; how to make sure that your website is search-engine friendly; how to find out if it has been penalised by Google, how to use the most important features of Google Analytics and Google Search Console (Formerly Google Webmaster Tools); and how to use some of the major SEO Tools and Platforms.


Course sessions:  9:00am – 4:30pm

Refreshments and Course Notes included.




Our trainer is an experienced SEO Consultant with more than ten years' experience in the SEO Industry. He is currently employed as Head of SEO with an Online Gaming Company


Course Overview


Phase 1: The SEO Environment

  • SEO Acronyms and Terms 
  • Digital Marketing 
  • What is SEO?  
  • Search Engines 
    • The Mission of SEs 
    • SE Market Share 
    • How SEs operate 
    • Google Index 
    • Google Cache 
    • Google Fetch Tool 
  • Ranking Factors   
    • Top Ranking Factors  
  • Google Updates 
    • Google Panda
    • Google Penguin
    • Google Algorithm Changes
    • Google Penalties
    • Google Hummingbird
    • Mobile-First  
  • AMP 
  • SEO & PPC 
  • PPC & CPM

Phase II:  Key Elements of SEO  


  • On-Site SEO  
    • Keyword Research
      • Google Ads KW Planner 
      • SEMrush KW Research 
    • Using SEMrush to beat the competition 
  • Implementing KWs 
    • The perfectly optimised page  
    • Keyword Mapping  
  • Top Ranking Factors   
    • URL Structure  
    • Meta Data
    • Meta Title 
    • Meta Description  
    • Header Tags  
    • Image Optimisation  
    • Body Text
    • Internal Links
    • Quality Content 
  • Rel Canonicals
  • Directives
    • Robots.txt  
    • Hreflangs 
    • Schema Mark-up 


  • Off-Site SEO 
    • Link Building 
    • Social Media 
    • Geo Location 


Phase III: SEO Tools

  • Google Analytics: Overview  
  • Google Search Console: Overview   
  • SEO Tools: Overview  
  • SEO Plugins: Overview  
  • Mask your IP  
  • SEO Check-List  
  • Keeping up to date  


Course Fee: €320


Course Funding:

eu funds jobsplus


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*Disclaimer: Kindly note scheduled dates and times are subject to change. We will do our best to avoid re-scheduling, however, in the unlikely event that this occurs, new dates/times will be discussed with applicants. 


**Kindly note that the November 2019 session is now fully booked!
Registrations for 2020 are open.

Course Schedules

  18 May 2020 - 19 May 2020 €320.00
   Mon 09:00 16:30
   Tue 09:00 16:30

  09 Sep 2020 - 10 Sep 2020 €320.00
   Wed 09:00 16:30
   Thu 09:00 16:30

  23 Nov 2020 - 24 Nov 2020 €320.00
   Mon 09:00 16:30
   Tue 09:00 16:30

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