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A Practical Approach to Tax

19 May 2021 Latest News Written by:

Getting to grips with this matter isn't always straight forward. We are offering this course for those who would like to get to grips with Tax Returns from a users perspective. These sessions cover online application which has arisen due to the covid-19 situation.


The Income Tax Return and Self Assessment of Individuals (YA 2021)

Who is it for?

This webinar explores all the fields within the Individual Tax Return and focuses on practical real life scenarios. Ideal for any individual to broaden his/her knowledge base on the subject.

What is it about?

The modules will provide you with many of the tools and skills you need to become more at ease and proficient in a filing Income Tax Returns and Individual Self Assessment of Individuals (YA 2021)

What will I get out of it?

  • Practical and applicable competence working with Tax returns.
  • The skills to enable you to become more productive and more valuable to your employers

 Course Detail

  • Income Tax Management Act relevant Articles
  • Personal Details
  • Emoluments & Business Income
  • Investments, Capital Gains & Other Income
  • Deductions
  • Tax Computation
  • Tax Credits
  • Return Attachment (“RA”) Forms
  • Relief of Double Taxation
  • Tax Payments
  • Separate tax liability of couples (new as from YA21)
  • Online filing (including YA21 enhancements)


Trainer Bio

Noel has over 20 years work experience in various government departments that preside over employment regulations.  He was actively involved in data processing and the support and development of the Final Settlement System.  He also participated in international tax seminars and workshops. 

In the private sector, Noel was employed by one of the leading global audit firms and was also the payroll administrator of various companies.

A fellow member of the Malta Institute of Taxation, Noel lectures extensively on taxation and employment matters.


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**Please note: Participants who wish to benefit from CPE hours must complete the full course


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