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Award In Sustainable Fashion Collection -MQF Level 5- 20 ECTS

Start Date
19 Jun 2024 , 24 Jul 2024
Main Tutor Cutajar Manzoni Fashion
Part -time : 1 Year –Excluding holidays. Plus work placements
Course Level
6 O levels including English, Art, Maths and Marketing, ECDL or the equivalent, Level 4 qualification in Fashion design or textiles.
Award Certificate Level 5
  • 50- Tuition workshop lessons of 4 hours each
  • 21-Supervised lessons of 4 hours each
  • 21-Job placements of 4 with local fashion designers
  • 88-Self-study hours 44-Assessment hours


Overall Program Description

This course educates our students to produce garments with a sustainable vision and environmental consciousness. It covers from the basic principles of fashion design to an advanced applicable stage. The students will create and produce long lasting, environmentally friendly, sustainable fashion collections moving away from the fast fashion concept from design stage to a fashion show at the end of the course.  We nurture a remake, reuse, recycle mentality and select resources to protect the environment rather than polluting it.

This is an intensive course designed to develop sustainable fashion design ideas, focusing on the advancement of the student’s creations in order to facilitate the necessary processes using recyclable materials and upcycled clothing.


Target Group 

This course attracts mainly the following target groups.

  • The learner who is passionate about the environment and would like to learn more about upcycling and sustainable fashion.
  • Anyone working in the fashion industry and wants to focus on sustainable fashion and garment creations.

Module 1

Total Contact Hours : 60

Supervised Placement and Practice Hours :60

Designing for Sustainable Collections

This is the first module of the course; the learner will be designing and sketching a collection and coming up with innovative ideas from the recycled and upcycled materials in hand.

This course is delivered fully face to face. The learner is shown examples of upcycled and recycled materials. Every time the work is done a log is created of the methods and steps taken. Lesson plans are given to the students and they work accordingly

Digital mood boards via mood board apps or done manually  and CAD  drawings are demonstrated through CAD software which prepares them for the industry.

Manual drawings are done using alcohol based markers and pencil colours.


1.           Creating a set of clothes made with upcycled and recycled textiles=50%

2.           Assignment Drawing of 4 complete looks, drawn as a group with different poses= Assessment 25% pencil sketches with Balance lines. 25% on finished drawings


Module 2

 Building Patterns and Copying Readymade Garments

Total Contact Hours : 60

Supervised Placement and Practice Hours :60

The learner will identify the workload needed to upscale the designs they have sketched into garments. The learner will choose the designs that need little alterations, others that need flat pattern designing copying from ready-made garments or restyling on a bodice form. Identifying which is the best one for each learner to develop and produce a personalised portfolio.

This module will be taught through fully face to face workshops. Workshop materials will be in hand and each student will have a bodice to work on in a fully equipped machine room with sewing machines and CAD software available for each student. Manual pattern making tools and computer aided software is available.


This module will be assessed through a scenario based assignment based on the pattern making of upcycled materials. 

Module 3 

The Study of Sustainable Fabrics

Total Contact Hours : 10

Supervised Placement and Practice Hours :8

This module focuses on the raw materials, chemicals, processes, and energy needed to produce a fibre. Which fibres are more sustainable than others and why? How can the fashion industry help reduce its carbon footprint? What is fast fashion and what negative impact is it giving to the environment?  

Courses are given all online

Online lessons via Microsoft teams include:

Power point presentations about different fibres, fabrics, and their properties. Students interact online and some lessons are put in break rooms. Reels and videos are shown of how different fibre is turned into fabric. Usage of digital whiteboards for diagrams for visual and further explanation. After every subject we have a Quiz, the students are put in groups and for the winning group there is a little prize. 

Module 4

Total Contact Hours : 60

Supervised Placement and Practice Hours :60

Planning a Sustainable Collection

This module is where the sustainable garments are finalised. The learner is encouraged to come out with different eye-catching sewing methods by using different embroidery machinery, patchwork and sustainable accessories. Four final sustainable designs will be presented at a fashion show or event. During the module, a visiting lecturer will support in advising students on social media posts for their own branding. 

At the end of the module/unit the learner will be able to:

a)Experiment and construct different ways how to restyle and recycle different garments.

b)Identify the grainlines and best ways to recut the used garments

c)Refashion sewing lines precisely in order to give a new life to the garment

d)Produce machine and hand sewing seams and write down the best appropriate use.

e) List down the methods of sewing for each garment, measure the finished garment and record.

f) Put together all the cut pieces and sew following instructions.

e)Finish off and correct any mistakes occurred to the garment during the fitting

g)Steam the garments after the last inspection, cut any thread that is loose, check for any damages 


Course Schedules

  19 Jun 2024 - 25 Jun 2025 €2,950.00

  24 Jul 2024 - 24 Jul 2024 €2,950.00

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