Excelling at Customer Service

Carolin Zeitler
2 Full Days
Course Level
Certificate of Attendance
Certificate of Attendance


This course aims to enable participants to

  • Know themself better and understand their own strengths and weaknesses in communication
  • Understand how to communicate effectively with customers and suppliers
  • Deal with difficult customers and challenging situations
  • Appreciate how to listen attentively and speak courteously
  • Recognise the customer’s needs
  • Be able to support colleagues and subordinates in developing their customer service skills

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who works in a customer-facing job, be it for internal or external customers. Customer service is an important skill for the majority of all professionals, as most of them have to interact with customers regularly and, more often than not, they are ‘the face of the company’ the customer sees.

Why should I attend?

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how to remain calm and professional, even when situations get challenging. They will learn how to deal with difficult customers and to dissipate potential conflict situations.


Course Overview


✓   Becoming aware of communication habits - listening and speaking

✓   Understanding and developing effective and professional communication

✓   Understanding professional behaviour - discretion, dress code, punctuality, etc.

✓   Unlocking the potential and will for improvement


✓   Understanding intercultural challenges

✓   Adapting the communication style to the multicultural environment

✓   Speaking in a polite, respectful and professional manner at all times

✓   Linking the learning to the company’s core values


✓   Dealing with crisis on the job

✓   Remaining professional and friendly when under pressure

✓   Managing time and stress effectively on the job


✓   Dealing with challenging customers

✓   The ‘broken record’ trick

✓   Focusing on solution and quickly moving on


✓   Developing staff engagement in customer care – answering the “Why should I care?” question

✓   Learning from customers’ and colleagues’ feedback

✓   Summary of Learning and next three steps


Trainer Bio

Carolin Zeitler

Loves life, feels passionate about serving the greater good and ultimately wants to bring more connection into the world - true human connection.

Carolin’s   work   is   first   and   foremost   about   connection   and   creating   cultures  that encourage  connection.  This  is  reflected in  all  her work;  be  it  as an  Executive  Coach,  an author & writer or a women’s empowerment activist. Carolin has close to 20 years experience in all aspects of Training & Development, training, managing, owning businesses and consulting in the field.


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