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Manzoni Fashion Cubs! Kids Fashion Design Courses

12 lessons 2 hours per lessom
Course Level
9 to 15 years
The desire to sew your own clothes
Certificate of Attendance

Manzoni Logo Final 2   The Manzoni Fashion Cubs! 

                               The Club for Young Aspiring Designers!kids fashion

Our aim is to develop the skills and fashion garment-making desire which some kids achieve at a very young age. We help them develop their ideas into functional skills, allowing them to develop into their fashion world. If you are that kid who cannot stop dreaming about clothes, style and fashion, then this course is for you.

Who is it for?

This course is for those kids who love fashion and all they dream about is making their own clothes. Who feel the urge to make original fashion garments. The student will be encouraged to create his/her own clothes. Available from ages 9 Years up. Courses are ON-PREMISE and parental consent forms are required as well as a pre-course screening discussion with parents/ guardians and the young learners.

What is it about?

This course is based mainly on individual tuition.

Students who wish to learn about the processes of fashion design and at the same time, make clothes for themselves and their families. Lessons include sketching, making patterns, cutting the material chosen, sewing process, decoration, and design. This is a fun, informative course that gives an insight into how clothes are made.

Materials and sewing equipment are not covered

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