MS Excel 2016 Fundamentals

Start Date
04 Mar 2020 , 01 Jun 2020 , 07 Sep 2020
Kenneth Bartolo
8 Evening Sessions
Course Level
Certificate of Attendance



8 Evening sessions:  5.30pm – 8.00pm

Our trainer is an experienced MS EXCEL professional 

Refreshments and Course Notes included.











What is it about?

This fundamentals course will enable you to confidently manage worksheets and workbooks, enter data and be able to perform calculations by creating formulas. It will enable you to work with lists and illustrations, charts and advanced formatting including styles. You will also be able to manipulate cell content, edit it, modify, format worksheets and workbooks. At the end of each lesson, there will be a practical exercise to ensure that the course objectives have been reached. 


Who is it for?

The MS Excel 2016 Fundamentals course is aimed at anyone wishing to understand and start using this versatile program. It is also ideal for anyone with some experience in using MS Excel seeking a good understanding of how formulas and functions work.


What will I gain?

You will gain confidence in the efficient use of fundamental Excel features including learning to use formulas and functions.



Course Overview


Microsoft Excel 2016 Fundamentals

  • Exploring Microsoft Excel
  • Creating Workbook Files
  • Viewing Worksheets
  • Navigating Worksheets and Workbooks
  • Editing Worksheets
    • Creating Basic Formulas
    • Editing Text and Values    
    • Clearing, Moving, and Copying Cell Content
    • Modifying Worksheet Structure
    • Understanding Functions
    • Using Functions
    • Using Statistical Functions
    • Using Date and Time Functions
  • Formatting Worksheets
    • Formatting Cells and Cell Content
    • Formatting Worksheets
    • Preparing Worksheets for Printing
    • Using Find and Replace
    • Previewing and Printing Worksheets
  • Advanced Formulas
  • Working with Lists   
  • Working with Illustrations
  • Visualizing Your Data
  • Working with Tables
  • Advanced Formatting   
  • Validation



Course Fee: Fundamentals - 8 sessions - €320


Course Funding:

eu funds jobsplus


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*Disclaimer: Kindly note scheduled dates and times are subject to change. We will do our best to avoid re-scheduling, however, in the unlikely event that this occurs, new dates/times will be discussed with applicants.


Course Schedules

  04 Mar 2020 - 22 Apr 2020 €320.00
   Wed 17:30 20:00

  01 Jun 2020 - 24 Jun 2020 €320.00
   Mon 17:30 20:00
   Wed 17:30 20:00

  07 Sep 2020 - 02 Nov 2020 €320.00
   Mon 17:30 20:00

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