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Organising and Producing a Sustainable Fashion Show

10 Lessons 2 hours each plus End of course Fashion Show including individual attention
Course Level
Open to all levels
A creative person who always wanted to create his/her own clothes, loves style and cares for the environment.
Certificate of Completion

In today’s world, due to our fast lives and different activities we plan daily, we tend to change our wardrobes frequentlythis results to a discarding mentality which gives a negative impact to the environment. We all want to look good, trendy, and stylish. Not all clothes are worth throwing or giving though, even if you don’t wear them anymore. Manzoni fashion School is very passionate about a circular economy model of production in fashion, which will help us reuse, recycle, repair any existing products.  

This course provides you with skills and knowledge of how to refashion any used clothes which can be made for more practical use, combining them to create a trendy personalised style. You will focus on completing a collection to present during a fashion show. You will be given a theme and together with the trainer you will be shown how to create a set of clothing from the same inspiration and topicYou will be exposed to different sewing skills, sewing machines and different stitches needed to complete all the garments.  

This is an opportunity to showcase your ideas and creativity and your first attempt of experiencing a fashion show. 

 At the end of the course Students will take part in a fashion show held at the Valletta Design Cluster. 

Learning Outcomes

The learner will be able to: 

  • Recycle clothes from his/her own wardrobe by reviving them into modern trendy clothing. 

  • Work with own designs and make use of pattern designing techniques 

  • Create a capsule wardrobe using a combination of recycled and sustainable materials. 

  • Produce a mood board enhancing the visual imagination of your ideas 

  • Design a set of garments from a mood board, colour palette and inspiration and release some sketches accordingly 

  • Test fitting the garments and correcting any faults that occur and rearrange the foundation pattern 

  • Exposed to a variety of stitches and seams which are required to complete the garments 

  • Create looks according to your imagination and dress up your models 

  • Exhibiting your styles via a fashion show, rehearsing together with other students for the final collection. 


Course Outline

During the lessons, students will be focusing on completing a set of garments that originate from a mood board and designs. Construction of patterns, test fit samples, recording tech sheets and practicing sewing techniques of each garment. 


Main Text Books 

  • Make, Sew and Mend: Traditional Techniques to Sustainably Maintain and Refashion Your Clothes Paperback – 17 May 2022 by Bernadette Banner 

  •  The Capsule Wardrobe: 1,000 Outfits from 30 Pieces Hardcover – Illustrated, 3 Jan. 2017 by Wendy Mak 

  • Developing a Fashion Collection (Basics Fashion Design) Paperback – 9 Sept. 2021 by Elinor Renfrew (Autor), Todd Lynn (Autor) 


Study - Unit Type = Lecture, workshops, Self-Study, Teamwork Seminar 


Method of Assessment: 

Assignment- 50%- Fashion Show 50% 

End of course fashion show made from upcycling clothes and recycled, eco-friendly fabrics. 



This course is eligible for both funding schemes below:

eu funds jobsplus

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