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PRINCE2® - Practitioner (Project Management)

Start Date
18 Jul 2024 , 12 Sep 2024 , 24 Oct 2024 , 12 Dec 2024
Paul Kelly
Practitioner - 2 days
Course Level
Axelos UK, Internationally recognised Accreditation
Pre-course reading required. Try and register not less that 2 weeks in advance.Prior completion of PRINCE2® Foundation OR attendance as a refresher. For the exam you will have to pass the Foundation exam first before taking the Practitioner
Full Certification (Axelos/ PeopleCert)



Course Location: Online Live Streamed 

PRINCE2® Practitioner  – 2-day course. Can be taken independently as a refresher for those already qualified and renewing their certification or those who are completing certification having already completed the PRINCE2® Foundation course.


What is it about?

PRINCE2® is the most widely used project management framework in Europe. It describes and explains the comprehensive methodology involving best practices when managing projects, which are transferable across a wide range of industries.


Who is it for?

Managers, high and mid-level executives, engineers, businessmen, and women are key individuals that will greatly benefit from PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification.



NB Price for Foundation only is €850

The price for Practitioner only (Foundation required)  is €850

 For combined Foundation and Practitioner the price is € 1650

Full Certification (Axelos/ PeopleCert)

Highly experienced and accredited U.K. based trainer

Course manuals and examination fees included (and delivered to a location of your choice for Live streamed courses) 










PRINCE2® Foundation (pre-requisite for Practitioner) 

  • PRINCE2® Foundation is an introduction to PRINCE2® ® training and covers details of the PRINCE2® methodology and terminology.
  • This is a three-day course and culminates in an examination and qualification.
  • This is ideal for many people involved in projects, but not managing them, and is ideal for project supervisors, engineers, and business analysts.


PRINCE2® Practitioner

  • The practitioner-level qualification provides all the tools you need to become a PRINCE2® expert.
  • It incorporates the management of project risk, maintenance of effective communication channels, and control of spend within budgets.
  • Attention is given to practical participation in a case study environment, encompassing the most essential elements of a PRINCE2® project.
  • The course covers the practical application of PRINCE2® to real projects, including how to deal with the inevitable times when projects do not smoothly go to plan.


What will I get out of it?

  • Achieving the Practitioner level certification actively promotes efficiency, best practice, and effective management of projects through the PRINCE2® framework.
  • Facilitate in achieving career goals as a project manager.
  • The PRINCE2® project management framework is easily transferable across a wide range of industries.
  • PRINCE2® accreditation gives your employer peace of mind that you can conduct project management according to established industry best practices.


Foundation and Practitioner Exams - What to Expect?

For On-premise training, The Foundation exam will usually take place on Wednesday, typically in the afternoon - and will be a multiple-choice assessment. For live streamed/online video conference training a proctored (online, time-restricted, and independently controlled) system is available from the examiners and we will book vouchers for you.

The Practitioner exam will be held on a Friday and will be based on multiple-choice questions and case study scenarios. For live streamed/online video conference training a proctored (online, time-restricted, and independently controlled) system is [available from the examiners and we will book vouchers for you. 


In January 2017 the owners of PRINCE2®, AXELOS, announced the upcoming arrival of updated PRINCE2® guidance and Foundation and Practitioner examinations. Together, these form PRINCE2® 2017 and represent the first major update to PRINCE2® since 2009.

Click to view the PRINCE2® 2017 update factsheet PRINCE2®  2017 Update Brochure

Click to view the FAQ’s brochure FAQ’s


Why was PRINCE2® updated?

The success of PRINCE2® lies in its compilation of proven best practices in project management taken from academics, business professionals, and consultants across the years. Since its creation, at least two million PRINCE2®exams have been sat in over 150 countries worldwide. This is a clear testament to the value of PRINCE2® to individuals all over the world.

However, we must all recognize that the business world is always changing, and even something as tried and tested as PRINCE2® is not completely resistant to change. As ever with PRINCE2®, the update has been a collaborative approach amassing feedback from a wide range of PRINCE2® Practitioners; the people best positioned to assess PRINCE2®  through their continued application of the method across a range of working environments. This feedback has resulted in a thorough, evolutionary, update of PRINCE2®.

What were the main changes to PRINCE2®?
The PRINCE2® update saw a new edition of the PRINCE2® manual, plus updated training materials and Foundation and Practitioner examinations. These will be launched in mid-2017. This update does not change any of the fundamentals of the method – PRINCE2® ’s overall structure of seven principles, themes, and processes remain unchanged. But the emphasis and treatments within these have shifted.

The main changes to the guidance are a greater emphasis on the following areas:

• tailoring PRINCE2®  to the needs of organizations and project environments;
• the principles that underpin PRINCE2® ;
• a greater link between the themes and principles;
• the restructuring of the ‘Themes’ guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring;
• the practical application of the method and guidance, with numerous examples, hints, and tips.

PRINCE2® is a wealth of project management knowledge and Best Practice that needs to be conscientiously tailored to suit each PRINCE2® and their organization. The updated manual, training, and examination will help you tailor PRINCE2® effectively to ensure you get the most out of the certification. Make sure you have the latest edition.

PRINCE2® has always been rooted in real-life experience. This update was intended to be trusted to provide practical, authoritative, and relevant guidance to anyone managing a project in today’s environment.

What does the update mean for me?

If you are a qualified PRINCE2® Practitioner, under the old format and/or your certification has expired, we would highly recommend familiarising yourselves with the revised content available or understanding the updates in fine detail. There is also an FAQ sheet available to answer any specific questions you might have. You may, in any case, be due to renew the Practitioner qualification.

This important update reinforces PRINCE2® ’s unrivaled reputation for Best Practices in project management. As always, the focus is on helping individuals and organizations across various job roles, sectors, and geographies to successfully manage projects.


Schedule and delivery method:

All our current PRINCE2®  courses are approved to be held live-streamed online which provides more options in terms lof locall and interational access, loggistics sand costs and of course the welfare of both trainers and participants with out compromisng on qulaity and the personal touch. We provided pre course gudinace and briefeing sessiosn on a 1-1 basis if desired and where possible (there may be some regional restrictions)  physically deliver manuals and a printed pre course delegate pack  . This has  has worked very well and this format is here to stay for public courses however we can open up access to our training ceentre in Mlata for those who do not have and adequate  and private learning space with a good internet connection  Also  hybrid and on-premise training for  ggroup/ cor[porate possibel is also possible subjectr to vaiability and depending on the public health regulatiosn  for classroom based traing in force by the authories at the time.  We do care deeply that individuals are different however and we make sure all have the necessary connectivity and guidance before the live streamed sessions start, individual attention, smaller groups, and a format more suitable for live-streamed training. There are of course benefits as well. Apart from the obvious safety aspects, no parking and transport hassles, your own favorite refreshments at home and more flexibility over when to take examinations, etc.

Dates are subject to change, The  next sessions are now scheduled as follows (please click links):

PRINCE2® Foundation

PRINCE2® Practitioner and Practitioner Refresher

PRINCE2® Foundation and Practioner Combined 

Please be sure to scroll down to read all the information provided on the links above as well as full scheduling and then click on the REGISTER button and choose your options; we will take care of the rest.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 10-12  participants.

Please send us your queries to: learning@people.com.mt


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Course Funding:

final get qualified logoeu funds jobsplus

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*Disclaimer: Kindly note scheduled dates and times are subject to change. We will do our best to avoid re-scheduling, however, in the unlikely event that this occurs, new dates/times will be discussed with applicants.


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Course Schedules

  18 Jul 2024 - 19 Jul 2024 €875.00
   18 Jul 24 10:00 Malta/CET 18:00 Malta/CET
   19 Jul 24 10:00 Malta/CET 18:00 Malta/CET

  12 Sep 2024 - 13 Sep 2024 €875.00
   12 Sep 24 10:00 Malta/CET 18:00 Malta/CET
   13 Sep 24 10:00 Malta/CET 18:00 Malta/CET

  24 Oct 2024 - 25 Oct 2024 €875.00
   24 Oct 24 10:00 Malta/CET 18:00 Malta/CET
   25 Oct 24 10:00 Malta/CET 18:00 Malta/CET

  12 Dec 2024 - 13 Dec 2024 €875.00
   12 Dec 24 10:00 Malta/CET 18:00 Malta/CET
   13 Dec 24 10:00 Malta/CET 18:00 Malta/CET

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