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MQF/EQF Level 5 Train the Trainer Award

Start Date
14 Nov 2022 , 07 Feb 2023
David Cutajar MSc.
40 hours spread of 5 weeks/ Evening Sessions
Course Level
General English Language Verbal and Written Competences Intermediate level and above and ideally secondary level school completion; 2 years related industry/work based experience and / or about to enter a training role would be desirable.
MQF/EQF LEVEL 5 AWARD/4 ECTS Learning Credits

This Course is recognised and regulated by the : MQF Logo2

NB Reviews from previous student learners / alumni are available on request as well as free pre booking guidance. This course also includes a full personality and emotional intelligence assessment and 1-1 feedback as well as careers guidance based on the end of course action plan as a built in for added value. Each course delegate receives course slides and a work book as well as background reading material, a recommended reading list and access to on-line resources. 

Course Introduction 

The course is designed to inspire and develop individuals with effective and motivational training. It will enable practitioners to harness the full potential of a training group by facilitating discussion and participation. How to adapt your training to suit different clients and how to apply different learning processes in order to keep your clientele’s attention by delivering stimulating sessions are but a few of the skills that you will learn during this course. Furthermore, you will build up core competencies and take on board the People & Co. model for best practices in a learning environment. The course focuses on the key phases and dimensions of training; contracting; Design and Development; and evaluation. 

Course Target Audience 

Newly appointed trainers, trainers wishing to refresh their skills, as well as experienced training professionals who want to develop and enhance their delivery and facilitation skills in a supportive environment. 

What will I get out of the Course?

  • Skills to deliver structured training sessions with well-defined objectives 
  • Ability to adapt training to cater to all learning styles
  • Confidence to manage a training environment, delegates, and yourself
  • A structured framework of best practice
  • Constructive feedback to improve performance
  • The skills to transform from a trainer to a 'Super-Trainer'
  • The versatility of training delivery
  • EXPANDED - Live streaming and delivering training online - various tools and techniques explored. 
  • Facilitation and Leadership skills to enhance the delegate's learning experience

Course Description

The course has been designed to incorporate both the Train the trainer Standard Course and Train the Trainer Advanced Course. 

Unit 1

  • Training world: What is training?
  • What are the core competencies of training?
  • Training as part of the wider development process
  • What are the organisational responsibilities?

Unit 2

  • The training cycle
  • An introduction to training needs analysis and effective evaluation
  • The group and the individuals: Learning motivations and how it may affect the learning environment
  • What individuals learn and what training can realistically deliver

Unit 3

  • The training dilemmas
  • The importance of discovery-based learning
  • Developing self-esteem within the group
  • Managing team dynamics through effective facilitation techniques

Unit 4

  • Managing difficult delegates
  • Structure: Meeting legal requirements as part of a welcome and administration section
  • Ice breaking
  • getting the group comfortable 

Unit 5

  • Creating a good beginning, middle, and end to the session
  • Effective signposting to ensure that learning is linked
  • Developmental methods and how this will meet the learning styles of the group

Unit 6

  • Delivery: Presentational techniques to develop the 3 Vs of personal communication
  • Using visual aids effectively
  • USING LIVE STREAMING and online technologies effectively 
  • Practical application of training skills against People and Co. Learning's competency framework

Unit 7

  • Trainer as Learner - understanding your own style and development needs and their impact on delegates
  • Developing your capabilities as an internal consultant
  • Developing a credible leadership style by building rapport with participants and creating a positive learning environment

Unit 8

  • Principles of training design, progressing your sessions in a logical and structured sequence
  • Adapting course structures and learning activities to meet both group and individual learning needs
  • Strategies to assist delegates in achieving their full learning potential

Unit 9

  • Managing the group process, ensuring equal involvement and participation to develop an inclusive approach to training delivery
  • Using a portfolio of facilitation and questioning techniques
  • The importance of process objectives - differentiated from content outcomes

 Unit 10

  • Practical application of training skills against People and Co. Learning's competency framework.
  • End of Course Assessment

Assessment & Certification.

Competencies are observed against a checklist. Course delegates have to satisfy the assessor that the competencies have been achieved before signing off for a course pass.


During the course, there will be the opportunity to indulge in recorded practice sessions. Feedback will be delivered on a group and individual basis.


Career Progression: Human Resources, Internal Training, Educational Lecturer 


Due to Covid-19, we have arranged for the upcoming sessions to be held online to ensure the welfare of both trainer and participants. This has been done in the past and has worked very well. We have ensured that the quality of the course delivery remains uncompromising by adapting the course material for online delivery, setting up a reliable online platform, and limiting the number of participants.

This course is spread over 5 weeks part time. There is some flexibility in scheduling subject to group consensus.


Inclusive Training

At People & Co Ltd/ People Learning we embrace inclusion in all of our courses.  Our online and on-premise facilities include many resources to assist with accessibility and inclusion for delegates with disabilities and impairments. To highlight any requirements for registration please click the link below and one of our customer service advisors will be happy to assist with further information. 

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Please register here as per normal procedure; we will take care of the rest.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 8 participants.


Course Fee: €850


Course Funding:                                                                             Course Recognition :                                                                

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*Disclaimer: Kindly note that scheduled dates and times are subject to change. We will do our best to avoid rescheduling, however, in the unlikely event that this occurs, new dates/times will be discussed with applicants.


Course Schedules

  14 Nov 2022 - 14 Dec 2022 €850.00
   14 Nov 22 17:30 20:00
   15 Nov 22 17:30 20:00
   16 Nov 22 17:30 20:00
   21 Nov 22 17:30 20:00
   22 Nov 22 17:30 20:00
   23 Nov 22 17:30 20:00
   28 Nov 22 17:30 20:00
   29 Nov 22 17:30 20:00
   30 Nov 22 17:30 20:00
   05 Dec 22 17:30 20:00
   06 Dec 22 17:30 20:00
   07 Dec 22 17:30 20:00
   12 Dec 22 17:30 20:00
   14 Dec 22 17:30 20:00
   15 Dec 22 17:30 20:00

  07 Feb 2023 - 07 Mar 2023 €850.00

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