Of Spreadsheeting and Payrolling

03 Oct 2019 Latest News Written by: Caruana , Gordon

MS Excel is one of the most important computer programs because of the key widespread role it plays. It is the most used spreadsheet program academically, in business activities and even in personal data organisation.

The program was designed to support accounting functions such as budgeting, preparing financial statements and creating balance sheets. It comes with basic spreadsheet functionality as well as many functions for performing complex mathematical calculations.

Regardless of one’s background, it is imperative that an individual acquires the knowledge to fully harness this amazing program’s potential. Our MS Excel Basic to Advanced Course was conceived with precisely this objective in mind.


The next course is starting on Monday 13th January 2020. Visit our course page for more information and options regarding this evening course, or to register.


Here is what some people had to say about the course and trainer:

“An eye opener to the world of Excel.”

“Trainer (is) patient, knows the stuff he is talking about, very helpful.”



Soon, on the 14th of October 2019, we are kicking off the latest evening sessions of Payroll Essentials & Advanced.

People need to be paid correctly and on time, but there is a lot more to Payroll. Our Payroll Essentials & Advanced Course will provide you with the tools and skills you need to become more at ease and proficient in a payroll context.

Payroll employees perform roles which are crucial to business operations. The reputation and ultimate success of a company partly depends on the payroll employees' dependability trustworthiness and training.

Visit our Payroll Essentials & Advanced Page for more information or to register.


Some feedback from our previous participants:

“Well structured, professional, well-thought, dedicated.”

“Valuable content and professional trainer.”

“Very informative! Trainer was sensitive to our needs.”



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