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09 Mar 2017 Latest News

START DATE      08 Apr 2017 

TIME                    09:00  -  12.00 

INSTRUCTORS  Payroll Specialist - Noel Agius & Raisa Borg from Technosoft Ltd

LOCATION         SmartCity

FEE                      €50


Who is it for?

Valuable for those who are employed in a human resource/payroll environment who wish to enhance their payroll software skills using Technosoft

Why Should I attend?

The seminar will provide you with many of the tools and skills you need to become more at ease and proficient using Technosoft payroll software

What will I get out of it?

Competence in working with Technosoft 

Course Overview

Introduction by Technosoft

➢  Can have multiple companies in one installation

➢  General information that comes up when pressing F2

➢  Client (employer) profile

➢  Every installation has a unique Serial Number

➢  Importance of version numbers (date)

➢  Regular updates from the internet

Most important sections of the system which the user will be using:

➢  Files

➢  Posting

➢  Reports

Backup Operations

Other information:
➢ The System is multiple user so you can add as many users as you need
➢ Can be iinstalled stand alone or on a server
➢ Can have different pay periods: ex. Monthly/Fortnightly/4 weekly/ Weekly
➢ Can choose between leave in days/in hours
➢ Works on a salary basis, I.e weekly wage*52 / 12 (number of periods)
➢ Works on 32 and 64 bit computers, from Windows XP to Windows 10
➢ Can give different permissions to different users – some users might not have the full
➢ Government Bonus is calculated automatically
➢ Upgrades are always available online to always keep systems up to latest version


For a more in depth outline of presentation, please refer to attached pdf.

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