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Say Hello To A Brand New Fashion Design Course - The Skirt!

07 May 2021 Latest News Written by:

New Fashion Design Course!

Whether you have a keen interest in fashion design or are looking to expand on previous qualification, Manzoni Fashion School have now launched a brand new course based on the skirt!


This course specialises in the Pattern designing of the skirt. Establishing the blocks and numerous variations that can be developed manually and digitally . It explores how the skirt develops into different variations. For those who have ideas and wish to materialise them, skirt pattern designing is a vital skill for anyone who wants  to proceed in fashion designing/ pattern making or for the individual who wants to create their own styles. 

76 hours of TuitionTotal 2lessons of new content + feedback Sessions and half day workshops. 


Introduction to pattern designing -Skirt  

This module focuses on what is needed to start pattern designing, such as: pattern designing tools, figure analysis ,blending, trueing and equalizing, fabric grainlines and measurements. 

 In order to be successful in pattern designing, students need specific tools to perform accurate patterns which will lead to successful designs.  This Module  consists of the following lessons: 1:15min hour per lesson plus 4 hours work feedback sessions.(10 hours tuition) 

  • Importance of pattern making tools.  

  • Pattern Markings and Fabric terms 

  • Figure analysis  

  • Measurements 

Mode of Assessment –Examination 50% Examination 50% 


Module 2- Skirt flats  

This module relates to the technical drawings of many skirts. Students learn how to draw clear flat drawings of the skirt and skirt patterns. They will learn how to fill in various tech sheets and referencing skirt technical names which are commonly used in the industry. Flat drawings will be done manually and also via Adobe Illustrator. 1:15 hour per lesson plus 8 hours feedback sessions. 

Total 13 hours of Tuition  

Lessons include: 

  1. Manual flat drawings /Industry skirt names  

  1. Flat drawings using Adobe Illustrator.  

  1. Flat drawings using Adobe Illustrator. 

  1. Filling in tech sheets  

Mode of Assessment  Project 50% Project 50% 


Module 3- Skirt Blocks 

There are 4 skirt foundation patterns which are used as pattern blocks and other skirt variations can be produced from these skirt foundations. The student will be preparing these blocks to understand the skirt characteristics and from them they would be able to prepare unique designs. Lessons include: 1:15 hour per lesson plus 6 hours feedback sessions. Total 12 hours 15min of contact hours  

  1. Creating a skirt block  

  1. Creating a skirt block  

  1. Creating a skirt block using Adobe Illustrator  

  1. Creating a skirt block using Adobe Illustrator. 

  1. Skirt Characteristics  

Mode of Assessment –Assignment 50%, Assignment 50% 


Module 4- Skirt Design Variations  

Changing how a skirt hangs, the skirt lengths, the waistlines or by increasing or decreasing the fullness of the skirt, is a focal point of the design you would like to portray.  During this module we will go through different skirt variations to encourage the student to explore further the pattern design technique. Lessons include: 1:15min per lesson plus 10 hours feedback sessions. 16.15 hours of contact time  


  1. Flares, Yokes, Tiers 

  1. Gored skirts and pleated skirts 

  1. Wrap skirts, Godets. 

  1. Asymmetrical hemlines  

  1. Circles, Peplums  

Mode of Assessment –project 50% project 50%  


Module 5 

This module sums up all the other modules above. Students will be creating their own pattern design variations of the skirts. From the flat drawings, pattern samples to making own samples in calicoStudents will be giving a case study.  

Lessons include: 16 hour workshop. 8 hours feedback session. Total contact hours:24 hours  

  1. Drawing your own flats through Adobe Illustrator 

  1. Creating your own skirt patterns  

  1. Making samples of your patterns  

  1. Making samples of your patterns  

Mode of Assessment –Assignment 50% Assignment 50% 


Core Reading List 

  1. Skirt-a-Day Sewing: Create 28 Skirts for a Unique Look Every Day Paperback – July 16, 2013, by Nicole Smith  (Author) 

  1. Fashion Flats and Technical Drawing: Bundle Book + Studio Access Card Paperback – January 26, 2017 Bina Abling, Felice DaCosta 


Supplementary Reading List  


  1. The Long and Short of It: The Madcap History of the Skirt Paperback – January 30, 2007by Ali Basye (Author), Leela Corman (Author) 

  1. A Beginner's Guide to Making Skirts: Learn how to make 24 different skirts from 8 basic shapes Paperback – October 25, 2016  by Wendy Ward  (Author) 


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